The Dining Room and Bowling Center are now open everyday.

We open at 4pm except on Sundays, we open at noon.

Our Address is:

2915 S Slocum Rd

Ravenna, MI 49451


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Tomahawk Bowling is a fun new way to play the game of bowling. However, with tomahawk bowling you don't need special skills, special shoes, lots of muscles, or big balls to play the game.

Tomahawk Bowling parties will consist of 8-12 participants taking part in several games of Tomahawk Bowling. Each party will have their own "Tomahawk Master" who will keep the parties flowing so all you and your guests do, is have a great time. The Tomahawk Master will keep score of all the games and give instruction on throwing a tomahawk, and most importantly, safety rules.

The party will start with approximately 15 minutes of safety instruction, demonstration of how to throw the tomahawk, and practice throwing the tomahawk. The Tomahawk Master will then start the games. Each party will last approximately 2 hours.

All participants must be at least 18 years of age and must sign a waiver. No open toed shoes allowed. Tomahawks are provided and no outside tomahawks are allowed.

Deposits and reservations are required. Call today to book your party. Parties of up to 36 people can be accommodated. Price is $20/person.

Due to Michigan Liquor Control Commission regulations, participants may not consume alcoholic beverages while participating in a Tomahawk Bowling party.

Party times available are:
Friday - 5PM-7PM, 8PM-10PM
Saturdays - 1PM-3PM, 4PM-6PM, 7PM-9PM
Sundays - Noon-2PM, 3PM-5PM

Party times, rates, and availability are subject to change.

We are located just north of the Village of Ravenna, 2.5 miles south of Apple Ave/M-46.